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Tony Mecca: Listen

Heavy Mental Gypsies (2016)

The Farmer

Write It


Two Trees

"I feel so enlightned from the sleep that comes from dreaming all day"

Fun (2011)

Witch Jenny?

Sweet Sunshine

The Happy Hop

Mercy Street

Hello, Goodbye & Everything in Between (2007)

We Always Lie


Dennis & I

Morning Coffee

"Morning coffee won’t wake you up if you find the same person at the bottom of your cup"

Princes of the New Dark Age (2005) - Remix (2018)

The Girl from the Sand

Say Goodbye to Judas

New Green Shirt

"In my new green shirt I'm quite the rage, young girls think I'm half my age"

Purple Monkeys (2003) - Remix (2018)

Suzie Lone Star Hero

Holly 1-2-3

"Just use your fingers it's so easy to do ...
... like counting purple monkeys at the zoo"

The Friends of Joey Coyle