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Tony Mecca: Listen

Say Goodbye to Judas

"You feel the need to conquer what you couldn’t win before"
He puts his arms around you like he’ll never let you go
It’s the closest thing to freedom that you think you’ll ever know
Then suddenly he’s leaving you – walking for the door
Still you feel the need to conquer what you couldn’t win before

I walked into the party to take you into town
You kiss me on the lips but say you want to hang around
He’s watching through dark glasses – there’s something up his sleeve
He wants to come onto you – he waits for me to leave

Before you comb your golden hair and turn your nose up in the air
Tear yourself away to see it’s only just a fantasy
And if you make the choice to stay you’ll see your dreams just fade away
When you say goodbye to Judas

Now Judas wants to see you – he’s waiting in his car
You step across the threshold to the girl you think you are
Driving down the river road – his hands all over you
Still you can’t resist the traitor’s kiss – even though you knew

Now I often think about you – but in a lesser way
You never should have done the things you did to me that day